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Our Daily Burnt Bread: Grillo is at it again!

Beppe Grillo, the buffoon who's holding Italy by the throat, told BBC News
"When the markets crash because I don't form a coalition, they will say it's Beppe Grillo's fault. In fact, they're saying it already. But it's fake, it's just an excuse." 

That was a while back, on 28 February, just before the elections that brought his 5 Star Movement up front, with 25% of the votes.

Trouble is: it's NOT fake, it's not an excuse. The reality is that Italy is paralyzed and has been for a whole month. The three blocs face each other - Bersani on the left, Berlusconi on the right with Grillo who could call the shots if he wanted to. But he isn't. Yet all he has to do is support and condition the left which is closer to his views, but he won't.

He's like a spoiled child sitting on the floor, screaming andbanging and refusing to move.

Bottom line: Grillo is irresponsible, full stop. But what can you expect from a comedian?

PS. This is the fir…

The Round of Great Boomer Reads

Once again, this is Boomer Lit Friday. Take a look at A HOOK IN THE SKY, then hop over to the other boomer authors participating in this Blog Hop dedicated to Boomer Lit: clickhere and have fun discovering this hot new genre!

But what I propose to do now with you will be a little different from the last time. Imagine you enter into a book store and see these two books on the table:

Hey, but that's the same book! Yes, on the left the new cover, on the right the old one. Yet they are both related to the story: the beautiful naked woman is the one Robert, our retiree-turned-artist, has painted with love; the pile of ladders reaching up to a hook is the (symbolic) contemporary art installation Robert has dreamed up and that will cause so much trouble. 

Do let me know in the comments which cover you prefer! Though be warned, if you buy the book now, Amazon will send you the naked woman...

Now for the excerpt. What do you do when you ponder over a book?  I'll tell you what I do. I read …

Boomer Lit and Big Publishers: a Future Together?

Back in 2008, before the onslaught of the digital revolution, several of the (then) 6 Big Publishers, were already paying attention to Boomer Lit, in particular Simon & Shuster, HarperCollins and Hachette. The fact was reported by a major publishing industry magazine, the Writer's Digest, in an article with a highly provocative title: "On the Edge, Boomer Lit" (See here

The case for Boomer Lit couldn't have been put more succinctly or with more force:

"It’s difficult to imagine that those 1960s doe-eyed children who brought the world’s attention to Vietnam War protests and love-ins are old enough to qualify as senior citizens. But they’ve finally matured—and so has the fiction being written by and for them.

Seventy-eight million baby boomers are alive today and comprise an enormous chunk of the reading public. As a result, there’s both a growing demand for fiction that deals with age-appropriate issues and a tendency for boomer-age writers to tackle p…

Cyprus: Euro Drama, Act Two?

The Euro crisis in Cyprus has taken a new turn after 12 hours of dramatic discussions that went on late into Sunday night among the main actors in the crisis, the Cyprus President, the Euro-zone finance ministers a.k.a. the Eurogroup, the EU Commission and the IMF. And all this drama was caused by the European Central Bank's threat to withdraw support to the Cypriot banking system starting this morning Monday 25 March.

So what happened? I blogged about the meaning of the crisis last week and now it's only fair that I give you an update. The New York Times reported this morning that "the deal would scrap the highly controversial idea of a tax on bank deposits, although it would still require forced losses for depositors and bondholders."

"Forced losses?" That's delicate diplomatic speak for saying that 
(1) the second major bank in Cyprus, Laiki, will be wound down (read: closed, its employees laid off) and the first, The Bank of Cyprus, will be "res…

A Sneaky Peak at A Hook in the Sky

This is the fourth promised peak at A Hook in the Sky, a "quintessential boomer novel" as it has been called by several reviewers. For Amazon reviews (23), click here and Goodreads (20) are here.

This time,  I thought I'd show you the sensual side of A Hook in the Sky. By now, if you follow this blog, you know the book is about Robert, a retiree-turned-artist to the dismay of his much younger wife. They fight, they separate, other women enter his life, and one in particular, called Nour. She is young, beautiful and deeply troubled. Since he's an artist, he paints her in the nude:

And here is the scene in the book describing Robert at work on her portrait: